The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

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The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

Poetry Anthology, A


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As with any book of poetry, you'll like some of this, and not like other poems. I don't think this will turn you into a poetry lover, but if you are already there, it's a champ.
Essential for poetry lovers.
Not into poetry. A friend recommended I read this.
...poetry anthologies I've ever read, especially given that Bly has organized the poems into thematic chapters and each chapter is preceded by a brief introduction.
This is one of my favorite poetry collections. Well organized and edited, the book's structure is thoughtful -- it's like looking through a prism--different views of the same subject.
This anthology is powerful. It is a collection of poems chosen by three men (Bly, Hillman, and Meade) who have been thinking about soul stuff for a long time.
A great great book that friend michael collier showed me years ago; bly, hillman, and m.j.
I haven't picked up poetry since high school, but for a couple of Pablo Neruda books, but these poems speak to me. Love how it's organized into sections of a man's life or psyche.
Although I don't always agree with Mr. Bly's philosophy, I purchased this book sometime in the late 90s.
It troubles me when work by Rumi, Langston Hughes, Sharon Olds and Jose Jimenez is placed in an anthology of poetry "for men" simply because the thing was edited by Robert Bly. It's sort of like an amplification of the Bly shtick when he does imperfect translations of better poets.
To my brothers who are searching. I highly recommend this read to be challenging in some respects and wonderful in others.
This is one of the best anthologies out there. I have purchased several copies to give as gifts (even wedding presents).
What a superb collection! An anthology that can be read and re-read many times without feeling repetition.
After my years of professional activities were completed, I had never expected to lose memory of these unforgetable unimaginably pure images of "Changing Diapers, (Gary Snyder) or "Sailing to Byzantium" (WB Yeats) or "The United Fruit Co" (Pablo Neruda.) After contributing my early copy to the Prison Library, I never thought I would need see that familar print again: But...